Belize Climate

Belize Climate

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Belize experiences solely moist and dry seasons and they are often labeled particularly by months. Precise climate situations change yearly, however as soon as the sample begins, climate turns into very predictable.


Belize experiences little rainfall throughout January. Solely within the uplands of the Maya Mountains have rainfall of about 9 to 10 inches. The northern space of the nation could expertise lower than 10 inches of rain. Within the southern space, Mayan bean crops are beginning to mature, whereas the northern space sugar cane harvests are in full blossom.


February tends to have probably the most constant of climate situations in Belize. The winds are fairly dry and blow steadily. Morning showers come from the coastlines–steady, however not fairly often. Rainfall falls to about six inches throughout this month in Toledo, whereas the remainder of the nation will get solely about an inch.


The climate for March is sort of just like February besides within the northern a part of the nation, which experiences a lot much less rain, and typically, nearly none. Winds begin to die down throughout this month. Thunderstorms begin to threaten the land over Maya Mountains. That is the month when farmers begin to harvest their crops.


Wet season begins throughout this month and harvest is in full swing.


The wet season is in full drive and nearly each a part of the nation is assured of some rain fall. In some areas, the rain is stronger. That is additionally the stormy season, with the south experiencing extra frequent rain than the north.


Rain continues to pour and turns into heavier throughout this month. Winds begin to construct up as soon as once more. With the consistency of the rain and robust sunshine, that is the very best time to begin rising the crops.


Rainfall is a bit much less in comparison with June, however every thing else with regard to climate situations is sort of just like the earlier month.


Rainfall begins to relent and the dry season begins. The dry climate situations could final for only some weeks.


September sees the winds begin to die down. Night and night time rains are frequent.


Northern chilly winds begin to choose up and meet the nice and cozy winds of the tropics, bringing rain. Cooler days begin throughout this month.


That is the coldest month of the season. Not solely do the chilly winds from the north blow the strongest, breeze from the coast is available in as properly. Rain continues to fall.


December marks the beginning of dry season and planning begins for the planting season.


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Belize Climate


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