Enhance Your RV Fridge Efficiency With a Cooling Fan

Enhance Your RV Fridge Efficiency With a Cooling Fan

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When the temperature will get sizzling out, your RV fridge can battle to maintain it is temperature cool sufficient to keep away from meals spoilage and to maintain your beer on the good ingesting chilliness. There are a number of elements that contribute to fridge effectivity, such because the solar beating down on the fridge facet of your RV, or a unclean fuel burner making a poor heating flame. Even the levelness of your RV may cause inefficiency over time. One of many easiest and simplest mods that may be made is to enhance the air flow in the back of the fridge by utilizing a fan to direct air up and out of the fridge vent column.

An RV fridge is just not like a residential unit. It makes use of a warmth absorption system fairly than an electrical compressor, condenser, and evaporator, as a residential fridge does. Warmth absorption requires eradicating the warmth from the absorption unit through chemical substances and air circulation. That is achieved by convection or draft. A slender area behind the fridge permits cooler air to be drawn in to the area on the backside of the unit. The air rises and passes over the warmth absorption unit fins, and out of the vent on the roof above the unit.

Some fridge installations really forestall this convection motion to work. In a typical RV set up, a lifeless air area can exist immediately above the fridge. This area can entice heat air and drastically cut back the draft impact. This discount in draft is why it’s best to do the fridge cooling fan mod. Whereas not a treatment all for a poor fridge set up, a fan can dramatically enhance fridge cooling efficiency.

There are a number of fan sorts that can be utilized for this mod. It is strongly recommended that you simply use one of many permanent-mount sorts because the battery-powered type can require frequent substitute of the batteries, particularly for those who neglect to show the fan off when not utilizing it. Some use pc followers which can be 3 to 4″ in diameter. These require little energy and transfer a shocking quantity of air.

A thermostatically-controlled fan nevertheless, is one of the simplest ways to put in a fridge air flow fan. These are completely mounted and have a thermostat that gives energy to the fan when the ambient air temperature reaches some set level. Completely different temperature set factors can be found with the commonest switching at 80°F. A swap may also be wired in to the fan’s energy provide so that you’ve got management over when the fan is on.

There may be some debate as to the place the best place to put in the vent fan. Camco, for instance, has a photo voltaic powered fan and fridge roof vent mixture. This places the fan on the high of the vent stack, pulling air by the decrease vent and up by the roof vent. Nonetheless others mount the fan on the backside of the vent stack, proper on the decrease vent. This place pushes air up by the stack. Each have been discovered to work equally as properly so the selection is your on which approach to go. Both manner, utilizing a vent fan will guarantee a chilly beer on a sizzling day.

Tip: Attempt to park your RV the place the fridge facet of the RV shall be within the shade as a lot as attainable. It will assist cut back temperatures contained in the fridge vent column dramatically. If shade is unavailable and your fridge is on the curb facet, use the awning to supply shade.

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Enhance Your RV Fridge Efficiency With a Cooling Fan


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