Translation for De-abstraction

Translation for De-abstraction

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The aim of my analysis into this downside is to discover a approach of translating the conceptual mannequin as outlined by a visible and human language illustration right into a structured illustration that may be made use of by computer systems as a way to generate program code. This entails using model-driven programming as a method to help this.

Mannequin-Pushed Programming

Mannequin-Pushed Programming entails two transformation strategies Mannequin Transformation and Program Transformation. Mannequin Transformation can be utilized to translate a mannequin with a illustration of the issue {that a} person can be conversant in, right into a mannequin with a illustration that may be extra straight translated into program code. Mannequin Transformation might be utilized to issues involving design fashions e.g., UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams, architectural descriptions, and necessities specs. A fuller clarification is on the market at

Program transformation is the act of adjusting one program into one other. The languages wherein this system being remodeled and the ensuing program are written are referred to as the supply and goal languages, respectively. A fuller clarification is on the market at

Mannequin-Pushed Programming might be an necessary approach for coping with complexity. [Gray et al, 2004] explains how this system can help within the growth of software program for a big avionics system.

Translation Steps

So far as potential the instruments and strategies used must be open customary for ease of use, re-use or transformation on different {hardware} or software program methods. The person mustn’t must kind any laptop code. As a substitute diagrams, pure language, and formulae can be used to outline the supply mannequin.

A mannequin as outlined by the person might be translated to a mannequin that’s extra appropriate for a pc to interpret. The pc can interpret this mannequin, and observe any relationships outlined in it, make any calculations or choices, and so present the outcomes. Recursion can be utilized to allow the pc to observe a diagrammatic illustration of the issue with out having to care concerning the names of objects. That is significantly tree for tree representations. Bushes are outlined recursively as a result of their construction is recursive so it’s pure to traverse them recursively. This cope with hierarchies and relationships, however for necessities exterior this scope Facet Oriented Programming [Elrad et al., 2001] might be used to seize and translate these necessities. Facet Oriented Programming can be utilized the place software program capabilities cannot be neatly connected to explicit objects or nodes in a hierarchy. These are often known as cross-cutting considerations as they could have an effect on a number of nodes. A diagrammatic illustration of the cross-cutting considerations can then be translated into a pc language illustration akin to AspectJ for Java [Kiczales et al, 2001] and AspectXML for XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

An extra translation is more likely to be needed from this system to a end result mannequin that must be created to precise the outcomes to a person. This mannequin can be a categorized full description of all the outcomes from this system. This must be represented utilizing open customary data languages akin to XML or languages derived from this. This allows the widest potential re-use of the knowledge on completely different {hardware} and software program methods. The end result mannequin might be represented diagrammatically or as categorized and linked internet pages. The total translation could also be as under

Supply Mannequin (Human Pleasant Illustration) – Supply Mannequin (Pc Pleasant Illustration) – Pc Program – Consequence Mannequin – (Human Pleasant Illustration)

If the person can outline the supply mannequin, stay largely unaware of how the end result mannequin is produced, can perceive the Consequence Mannequin, and this meets the expectations of the person, the interpretation is profitable.

If the person can outline the supply mannequin, stay largely unaware of how the end result mannequin is produced, can perceive the Consequence Mannequin, and this meets the expectations of the person, the interpretation is profitable.

The determine explains the idea for a easy instance of the illustration of the equation E=MC2. This relationship might be outlined by the person. Right here that is achieved utilizing an ontology device (Protégé), and this definition might be learn straight by Resolution assist software program (Vanguard Studio) that may visualise the knowledge and color code it. For a extra advanced instance the next stage person interface can be required to allow a person to outline the issue, and a translation step to the pc readable mannequin. Models have been unnoticed as the kind of equation used and values in it will not be necessary to the idea. The software program can translate the supply mannequin right into a program and calculate outcomes. The end result program is then translated once more right into a end result mannequin outlined utilizing open customary languages akin to XML and Java for human pleasant visualisations of viewable as internet pages/diagrams.

Diagram –


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Translation for De-abstraction


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