Coronavirus and Attending to Know God – Psalm 46-10

Coronavirus and Attending to Know God – Psalm 46-10

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We are going to translate psalm 46-10 “be nonetheless and know that I’m God” extra comprehensively towards the top of this text. It is going to clarify simply how essential this specific psalm is for people at this unprecedented time. However, for now, by means of including context, allow us to discern upon how wildlife carries out its corresponding duties for his or her survival, and the way people, because the superior beings, examine.

The birds, bees and the fish

Have you ever ever noticed a flock of birds quickly swoop upwards in to the sky and immediately spiral downwards instantly? Equally, with shoals of fish, how they dart in a single course after which somersault in one other course immediately and concurrently. Superior, I am certain you’ll agree. From the human perspective, fowl flocking conduct is really price reflecting upon within the current coronavirus state of affairs.

The query is: for what function are they performing in such synchronized trend?

The reply is they’re praying

Symmetrical formation flying — and speedy sprint motion of fish — permits them talk or join with their supply, their “god”, which — for the entire non-human species on earth — is Nature. In different phrases, Nature gives the birds and all land animals, together with the marine life, with all they should “know” on survival of their current surroundings.

Symmetrical vee formation flying by different birds, can also be for a similar purpose: they’re involved with their guiding supply for repenising energy-fuel for his or her migratory journey. Such is how they obtain important intuitive steering to feeding locations alongside the way in which.

‘Flocking’ places birds into anticipatory mode, they ‘anticipate’ — let’s name this anticipation fowl religion or prayer — after which, as soon as this intuitive change commences, is picked up throughout the flock consciousness – generated by Nature – then change of course spreads instantaneously although the entire flock in a wave of dynamical intelligence. Flock flying represents group consciousness, the place no particular person fowl is in cost. It is how they maintain up to date, about one another and the most recent survival info.

Then now we have the great bees.

Considered a social insect, bees are employees, flying solely for a bunch purpose which is to feed and nourish the hive. They do not fly for the love of flying however merely to search out nectar after which return it in order that the hive advantages.

As a result of we’re all related to the identical common life-force, after we give it some thought, the idea of birds, fish and bugs praying makes a lot spiritual-evolution sense. There are simply so many ‘praying’ existences happening concurrently inside this lovely Eco-system of witch a lot is ignored or taken as a right. And have you ever seen, amongst all the variations of nature’s inhabitants – massive and tiny — they by no means got down to hurt or disrupt the pure surroundings. If solely human-kind might be like that, we could properly ask.


So, what has nature-nurturing to do with the current world pandemic: Coronavirus.

Effectively, as we will see, it has quite a bit to do with it, notably close to how people could profit from the strategy tailored by our co-inhabitants right here on earth.

As talked about earlier, flocking birds, honey bees and shoal fish, and lots of different species, don’t function individually whereas in prayer, slightly every part is meant towards pure flock or group species survival

Now this text will not be about nation-bashing, removed from it. However consumerism globally would appear to be uncontrolled, and it does not really feel proper

This coronavirus deal with is education us in a survival lesson: Nature is attempting to inform us one thing profoundly refined in very harsh and crude element..On one stage, amidst all of the struggling, the chance for change arises. And whereas coronavirus will cross sure, it is message of change will linger till we have every taken the nature-message on-board mentally.

Equally with international warming, we’ll have to come back to phrases with a brand new starting, a brand new set of primary or house truths, a brand new order of fabric priorities, briefly, a brand new order of consciousness.

Take materials objects for situations and the current consumerism explosion. In assembly this unwarranted materials product demand, know-how is having to broaden past what many shoppers can healthily deal with each mentally and emotionally. To not point out the long-term results of plastic on the surroundings.

The emphasis appears to be on highly effective nations changing into solely involved in sustaining its personal ‘patriotic’ dominance, as if the remainder of the world flock does not exist or does not matter within the international equation. That, geographically, sure folks get food-fed whereas others much less lucky will be ignored.

Narrowing it down

For instance, by means of clarification, there may be this macro nationwide dominance mind-set, and inside that there’s the micro self-interest solely mind-set. One is feeding off the opposite and the cycle of nationwide dominance alongside particular person self-interest solely proceed unabated. Now, after all, there’s nothing unsuitable with furthering particular person and nationwide creativity, the truth is, it is completely pure for people to be artistic — that is how we’re wired. However this over-emphasis on ‘me’ mine’ ‘ours’ has reached saturation level.

Nature’s innate intelligence has picked up on this: that one thing is out of stability on this planet.

Reached our cycle restrict

Materialism, phantasm, and its related stage of consciousness, has taken humanity to its furthest level of this specific greed-conquer-illusion cycle. And whereas it is by way of cycles of evolution that humanity progresses, on the quantum stage, in human evolution phrases, it is probably not about survival of the fittest, or, who can change into the strongest and strongest nation, company or particular person, or who amongst us can fly the best religion flag.

Coronavirus is reminding of what we have been over-looking, which is: Nature does not neglect – it displays again to us precisely what we ship out. Thus, Nature’s message, for our higher good, is to realign and develop a spiritual-cosmic consciousness.

On this space, the enlightened Rishis of historic India I imagine knew the true secret of actuality. However someplace alongside the lengthy hall of time this pure knowledge has been mangled and diluted into which means one thing completely totally different. Misplaced in translation, lets say.

This pandemic is reminding that our priorities are all blended up and out of synchronization with the pure legal guidelines of Nature. These legal guidelines are actual and particular and require strict adherence to. Relying on the mind-set, they’ll serve us both positively or negatively. Thus watch out of how our thoughts’s are being fashioned and conditioned..

We have change into artificialized

Humanity has change into over-burdened mentally and emotionally thus creating many varieties of latest and unnatural strains and stressors throughout the human physiology.

The conditioned mind-set seems, that, just by taking sure medicines, every part will likely be OK. A programmed mind-set, that, as soon as these issues are masked artificially, in a pharmacological sense, then that is superb. Nevertheless it’s not superb. As a result of these mind-sets do not simply go away, they’ve change into unconscious patterns or dependancy mind-sets. Thus, proliferation of symptom-ignorance conditioning continues in perpetuity.

We have change into virtually sense-deadened — artificiality is the brand new king. This human numbness to actuality and the pure surroundings has led to persistent accumulations of anger and discontent throughout the human psyche. It has come to the purpose, that, our as soon as technique of pure happiness have change into blocked by commercialism and exploitation. Moderately than happiness being a easy pure alternative of will, a lot of this outlet has morphed into industries which for a lot of can result in addictive and compulsive patterns of conduct.

Even a lot of the ‘good’ progress sadly, for a lot of, is on the expanse of pure soul growth and inter-personal exercise. Folks at the moment are strolling and staring hypnotic-like right into a fantasy world for the most recent illusory world gossip.

What commonplace of evolution does this symbolize?

Ascension Consciousness

We’re every created for Ascension unto God-Consciousness. This course of takes place inside. Non secular ignorance is what blocks progress on this space. We’re not designed for remaining at base camp stage of ignorance indefinitely. To provoke Ascension out of religious ignorance, a calibration of thoughts is required. This being a silent integratory journey, all of it begins with psychological stillness.

Materially talking, every part modifications. However, conversely, at our core soul stage, we’re every Changeless, immortal and everlasting. We’re every the everlasting Spirit.Subsequently, this Ascension course of results in spiritualizing the physique and consciousness into realizing the Changeless Christ Commonplace inside consciousness. Thus, attachment to the fabric world and self-interest solely, is opposite to our true nature. This ‘opposite’ conduct clings and obscures our Immortal Christ nature.

In japanese tradition, which I imagine is extra advance within the space of religious soul growth, this ignorance or attachment to materialism, is called Maya – false identification.

After we contemplate the lives of the good historic saints and sages of all cultures, and the way they approached life, absolutely getting again to fundamentals would symbolize main religious evolution for this technology too and past.

In progressing soul evolution, silence certainly is the loudest type of prayer, it epitomizes ‘again to psychological fundamentals..

In coping with the coronavirus state of affairs, each single individual makes an really distinction — together with youngsters and youthful. Every play their half in bringing about international coherence right now of nice want. The very fact is, every meditating soul impacts many hundreds of the non-meditating neighborhood. And if these meditations have been synchronized regionally, the advantages world-wide could be monumental.

Now that is a prayer price participating in.

Stillness is the way in which

The primary responsibility of every raindrop — on falling from the cloud — is in search of reunification with the ocean. To this finish, virtually, the raindrop solutions solely to gravity – gravity is the medium by way of which the raindrop reunites with its supply, ocean.

For people, stillness is the way in which.

Psalm 46-10 is right here revealing the medium by way of we will every reunite consciously with Supply. And the way we will achieve direct communion in God-nature by being inside nonetheless.

Be nonetheless and Know that I’m God – Psalm 46-10 — In translation:

“Be nonetheless” is to be nonetheless mentally, give up all inside wrestle, “and know”, which means achieve direct expertise of transcendental silence, “that I’m”, existence, or acutely aware Now consciousness, “God”, eternally vibrating higher-self consciousness.

It is this dynamic of experiential vibrational silence — corresponding to with Aum, Om. or God — which, when chanted, or recited silently, prompts the refined intelligence for experiential contact with Transcendent Supreme Being.

The essential level is, God is a Verb (vibrational) and never a noun (not a static title). Subsequently, the phrase God has a particular vibrational resonance or high quality, and it is this vibrational resonance that the psalmist is informing us to know instantly inside consciousness. This vibrational resonance in essence is experiential alive Unconditional love, which state displays Christ-consciousness

From the mire of religious ignorance, vibrational ‘I’ turns into the Risen soul which is aware of — experiences — transcendentally, divinely, immortally.

Mendacity past the relative world of phenomenal existence, transcendental silence brings about unison of soul with everlasting Transcendent.God.

All that continues to be now could be for this meditational stillness to be expressed by way of the body-physiology, notably by way of the guts chakra. That is obligatory with the intention to root our expression as automated conduct within the nervous system.

Lastly, in fulfilling this scripture inside consciousness — and along side World Well being Group guidlines — not solely are we elevating the usual of our personal religious life dramatically however, by way of the rise of antibodies or white blood cells into our immune system, we’re additionally combating the spread-treat of coronavirus immensely at private and international stage. Blessings.

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Coronavirus and Attending to Know God – Psalm 46-10


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