FIT – The Patented Cloth of Nike

FIT – The Patented Cloth of Nike

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In 1989, Nike Firm launched 4 sorts of materials, particularly Dri-FIT, Therma-FIT, Clima-FIT and Storm-FIT. Right here F stands for practical, I for modern and T for know-how. These materials may help a sportsman resist cold and warm climate, stand up to storm and snow and deal with the sweat.


The material of Dri-FIT can discharge sweat quickly. You’ll really feel comfy should you put on the garments product of this material to do train. The actual Dri-FIT superfine fiber can discharge moisture by advantage of the siphon motion. The moisture is discharged to the floor of the garment after which vaporized. If you put on this sort of garment, Dri-FIF sticks to the pores and skin. It discharges sweat completely and make you are feeling very comfy. Nike DRI FIF is the perfect lining materials. Its options are as follows:

1 It’s product of superfine fiber.

2 It could discharge sweat to the outer layer of the garment after which evaporate it to maintain the garment dry.

3 It’s gentle and skinny.

4 It may be dried quickly.

5 It’s cool and comfy to put on.

6 It’s the finest lining materials.


The material of Therma-FIT is lighter and thinner than every other textiles, but it might probably hold heat very effectively. If a garment is product of Therma-FIT and its lining is product of Dri-FIT, it have to be excellent in perspiring and maintaining heat. You’ll be able to put on this garment to run, ski, climb a mountain or do other forms of coaching workouts. Its options are as follows:

1 It’s product of superfine fiber.

2 It’s skinny and lightweight.

3 It could guard in opposition to chilly air and wind.

4 It could hold heat very effectively.


The material of Clima-FIT is water proof. It’s product of the breathable superfine fiber. Water cannot seep in it simply. Nonetheless, it might probably discharge sweat successfully. It’s particularly designed for the sportsman to run or play golf. Its options are as follows:

1 It could hold off wind and rain.

2 It’s gentle.

3 It has good breathability. The close-knit fiber can hold water from seeping in, but it might probably discharge sweat out of the physique simply.


The material of storm-FIT is water proof. There’s a layer of water proof movie overlaying on the floor of the tremendous tremendous fiber in order that it might probably guard in opposition to rain, snow and hail. If you take high-energy actions, corresponding to snowboarding, crusing, climbing and operating, you might sweat quite a bit. In case you put on a garments product of Storm-FIT, the sweat will be discharged simply. Its options are as follows:

1 It’s particularly designed to be worn in stormy climate.

2 It has good breathability. Though water cannot seep in it simply, but it might probably take up sweat out of your pores and skin and discharge it outdoors of the garment.

3 It could guard in opposition to water, wind and snow.

4 In case you match it with a Nike Therma-FIT or Dri-FIT garments, the impact of discharging sweat and maintaining heat will likely be higher.

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FIT – The Patented Cloth of Nike


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